The Inbetweeners

These are the days where we have met as leaders of our project. Not necessarily in school time, we have met for twilight meetings, on the weekend and grabbed opportunity as we have passed in the corridors to affirm, confirm and outline where we go next.

We are confident that the focus of vocabulary development delivered through arts based learning is an excellent study to pursue through this project and it should provide us with some robust evidence.

We met with Lauren Meadows Greenfields Education (Twitter @greenfieldsEdu) her high level of expertise and knowledge of vocabulary development is invaluable. Linking with her for the evaluation of the project, delivery of an inspiring workshop at our first training day with teachers and on-going planning  to create a project which maintains a clear focus for development with and beyond the arts is proving to be an excellent partnership.

Planning a research project for ourselves alongside the PHF project is keeping us busy but focused . We can’t project the outcome, the arts may have no relevant impact on the development of vocabulary and entomology – but it is giving us a key focus.